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Riverbound (Single)

by Comaduster

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The first installment of a two part single release, "What Can Never Be Taken From You" possesses a dark, ethereal landscape, featuring an intentionally disorienting combination of electronic tones and production noise, drawing the listener into a mysterious, shrouded dreamscape.

"Riverbound" is the second installment of a two-part single release from enigmatic electronic artist Comaduster from upcoming 2019 album with FiXT. Ethereal tones coupled with lulling melodies and alluring vocals paint a scene wrought with an emotive complexity, leaving the listener unsure of the destination.


released August 13, 2019

Written by: Réal Cardinal & Mari Kattman
Published by: FiXT Music
Produced by: Réal Cardinal


all rights reserved


Track Name: What Can Never Be Taken From You
What you can never take away
You’ll never take away
Track Name: Riverbound (feat. Mari Kattman)
Born and set for the river
With an oath to carry our old
We will follow their sound
And never be heard
And always steer clear of the road

What will we do with the bodies?
We’ll be rolling down the river
Rolling down the river

Soil and clay in dredges
And we’ll never find the ring
Sombre and blind
We lowered the vice
But what can we see anyway

What will we do with the bodies?
We’ll be rolling down the river
Rolling down the river

To the sea
Unsaid we departed
That oath now carries us on
We will fall in to sounds
And inlets abound
Where a sorrow resides in each cove

Cracked ice and leaves fallen
We hit a stone, we’re riverbound
Light fires to the ties
We’ve left for home
All of that is gone
Shining light, Horizon
Deliver us
Alive and whole
Blinding bright harvest songs
We’ll miss you all
We’ll miss you

We’re soil and clay under bridges
For we’ve never found the ring

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