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by Comaduster

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FiXT is proud to announce Comaduster as the inaugural signing to the label's newest division – FiXT Labs! To celebrate this partnership, FiXT and Comaduster are excited to re-release the 2017 sci-fi concept album Solace along with a special remastered edition of the critically acclaimed 2013 Electronic/IDM album, Hollow Worlds, ahead of new material later in Fall/Winter 2018. Plus, for the first time ever, the instrumental versions of each track from Hollow Worlds will be available in November 2018.

Artist Quote:

Solace is a science fiction concept album, and the long awaited follow up to 2013’s ‘Hollow Worlds’ album. The themes conveyed touch on entropy, extreme time-scales, and how those can impact intelligence, emotion, and identity.

A simple group of non-corporeal lifeforms called ‘The Void’ are the only sentience to remain and are clinging to the last vestiges of energy left in a universe going dark.

Heatdeath is upon them, but forces beyond their understanding will pull some of them into worlds well beyond the breadth of their experience.

Overwhelmed by paradox and on the verge of the final darkness, some of these beings try to survive and make sense of what is set before and behind them. Strands can be unravelled here to parallel human ‘mental illness’.

I don't want to be vague. The emotional weight expressed through this story mirrors my own struggles with Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Dissociative and Depersonalization issues, Anxiety/Panic, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Sometimes seemingly insurmountable issues can only be expressed through art and metaphor.

From my own perspective, the idea of ‘mental illness’ has become some what of an umbrella catch all for a myriad of distinct problems or situations. It’s kind of become a banner to compartmentalize a lot of difficult to discuss, and largely individual issues. Awareness is up. Unfortunately it’s still misunderstood, generalized, and now politicized. There are spectrums where a lot of us choose to see a single point.

I can’t say I have any answers. But this album is a cyclical expression of one of many stories that will continue to repeat.

Included is a custom made PDF booklet that contains the lyrics, and an index to provide some insight and context for the science fiction concept of the record.

I hope you enjoy, and thank you for the continued support from everyone! I’m extremely happy that this record and it’s world have found a home at FiXT!

- Réal Cardinal


released August 22, 2017

Written by Réal Cardinal
Published by FiXT Music
Produced by Réal Cardinal
Guitars by David Murphy and Réal Cardinal
Guitarviol on 'The Voidless' by Adam Lastiwka
Additional screams and haunting by Anthony Black / deadmusician on 'The Voidless'


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Retracer
Do you want to see the root of the end?
There’s a part of you
In the strands you choose
A path you’ve left
To retain what’s you
Through the rot and truths
All are intertwined

Slim chances to
Infect their
Recursive draining deaths
Their strands to feed the
End of ends

Frays of my strands
Will retrace what's left of you
Track Name: The Entangled
We're not the same
Supplanted in two bodies
That causality
Would shed in fleeting seconds

Knotting up in me
Are phantoms all we are?
Entangled intuition
Is something I have lost

We're not the same
Streaking spectres
On the run
From a meaningless

Parse my mind
Before we're pulled inside
Within our blackest folds
There's no restraint
left on the words untold

I'll preserve you
I leave this space

I can always feel your pain
White within the dark

It's knotting up in me
In Blackfolds under a
Blanked out ill delusion
You're something I have lost
Track Name: Emergent One
Count the waves
In perfect phase
Over and over
Not to sway
But I sought
A glimpse of time
Preceding my own light

We'd better see it now

That breaking away from the chasm would leave us all alone

We'll emerge as one
And replace this outcome
We'll revert the suns/sums
And say where this begun
Emerge as one
Replace this outcome
Reverse the sums/suns
Just say where this begun

When you talk, your time is leaking
Constants broken, edges bleeding

To leave I thought to bend
The past that flows
From the end

We're concurrently estranged
In all we've lost in here
But the worst will shift to red
If I can't find you

We'll emerge as one
Replace this outcome
Reverse the sums
To a place when this

Your fragments shred
To the surface
Solace ends here
But I won't see you

When you talk
Your time is bleeding
Constants broken
Edges beating
Track Name: Selfsimilar
When I observe you
Reflections fracture through
Bends in the shadowed arcs
That twist the last of me from you
So all at once
Our shapes undone

If this all that's left here (gone)
I choose to not regret this (none)
This path is least resistant (of all)
And that's how we'll know we were

Will this transform hold?
I took the damaged half that was left of the whole
Is this not repeating?
This is the time if you wanted to

(to an) Impossible disguise
Where it is a fight to stay hidden
I can idolize the mark you've left in me
Through a line that sought
One I fell too far between
Where the silence is a death scream

If for a moment we re-encounter
Let's not repeat the same outcome

This is the time if you wanted to
Break away
This is the time if you wanted to
Break away
Track Name: Ancient Generations
Ancient warmth
Beneath a rare
Sleeping chance
To leave someway

We're formless
We're too many
We're formless
We'll leave someday
Track Name: Solace
I pull this hopeless state
And slide in to my shade
Feeling a curse
Bruise and singe
Through a screaming rapid shockwave

And so we fall
To our wreckages below
They dot the skyline in bleak horizon
The sound of letting go
I can feel that emotion
Evaporate like rain
A moment we can recollect
That I'm hoping will not fray away again

Hit ground intact
Taken aback from impact
Alone and unscathed
Accustomed to this game we play
Nothing I could change
Would free us from this phase refrained
Bonded to to a frequency
That's cycling independently

Through this fear we feel the same
Subdued and tranquilized
On a medicated train
Through vacant spaces
To retrace every

Through the frames of faded stars
Where I could hold this time and
Tear apart this darkness folding
Autumn’s cold wings
Wrapped around this incubated

Entangled in
Untangled in
Entangled in
Untangled in

If I wait
Will you still be there?
Track Name: The Shadowsphere
Now we've crossed that line
Hope you've no regrets, because we're not turning back
We've left them behind
I knew The Void would come to be
Never thought that it would
Shape me

Now I've Seen your light slow
And fold in shadow to the always
In between everything, all or nothing

Is safe, from ending
It was defined by my and you
Fold in shadow to the always
In between everything, all or nothing can change
Ascending only would curve right back to you
Hold your pattern through the spiral
Thread your strands and I will find you there

Your dot recedes to the farthest point
As the voices I hear become the phantoms we both sho
Through The Shadowsphere
Through the horizon pulling out

I couldn't watch you spin forever and never reach for your hand
Why would I want to live forever if I'd never see you again?

Safe, from ending
It was defined by me and you
Fold in shadow to the always
In between everything, all or nothing can change
Ascending only would curve right back to you

The universe I promised to
Preserve when I had abandoned you

Voices I hear are the phantoms we both show
Through the shadowsphere
From the horizon blowing out

Fraying are the strands we chose

Now I've seen
Your Light
And fold in shadow
To the always
In between everything
All or nothing
Is safe
Track Name: The Voidless
We'll find another way
To relive the lives
We've left behind
For nothing
And when we're caught
Point your fear to me
We'll blood let our phantoms
To bleach the seas

As singular
We can't divide
Impotent lesson learned
In ending times
We dream in
Pattern weaving
End to end
We've tried

End to End
End to End
End to End


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