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Fever Rift (Single)

by Comaduster

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Comaduster descends into the dream-like haze of "Fever Rift"; an ethereal mixture of haunting vocals driven by an anxious, dark, and claustrophobic electronic beat, drawing the listener into a lost sleepwalker's daze. The track marks Comaduster’s first original single with FiXT, from his upcoming 2019 album. Reflecting on the chaos of existing on the cusp of what is and what may be on the far side of this seemingly temporary state that is life, the track begs the question, "what awaits you in the ‘Fever Rift’?"


released March 29, 2019

Written by Réal Cardinal
Published by FiXT Music
Produced by Réal Cardinal


all rights reserved


Track Name: Fever Rift
Have I put the fire out?
Or deceived only
The menacing eyes
Sewn in
That follow me

A fragmented patterned skin weaves out
Wove in to a horrific shroud
Brazen and silver we dug in
To signal the damage incoming

Set on fire
We just need to know for sure
Set on fire
With needles threading under burning
Step on the pyre
Sleep walking through the halls of dirt
Set on fire
This fever's rift is open

With in somber reach
I sense annihilation
Grasp my throat

Same / safe
Hold / warm
Grey / space
Free me / beaming dark

I alone
Hold the stained iron
On a table of suns
In a fever's rift

S​o I'll embrace a metaphoric view
It's just a walk between two sheltered rooms

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